Overview and Mission 
Hyperform Technologies Co., Ltd. (HTC) is a privately held high-tech company in IC and electronic design industry in China. The company was
founded by senior professionals in July, 2003. Our goal is to become a leading local provider for EDA solutions and design methodology services
in 3 years, and meanwhile we are committed to make important contributions to promote local electronic design industry.

Marketing Place 
Provide EDA tools Solution and design flow integration services
No one has doubt that China is the most active and biggest potential market of electronics today. Since early 1990s Chinese government never stops
promoting IC industry with government project, incentive policy, education, etc. Now we can see several world class foundries moving their fabs to
China and some most advanced new foundries have been built up here too. In the past five years the number of IC design houses in China has grown
from 100 to more than 400.
The significant increasing of IC design houses brings huge potential needs of EDA tools and design methodology services. The composition of the
design community in China is much more complicated than other area, there are branches of multinational companies, JV companies, privately held
companies, government owned companies and institutes, etc.
Different type of design houses has different needs for EDA tools and design methodologies. Besides the mainstream design flow from the main EDA
vendors, many design houses want to use some point tools which has specific value and greater ROI. On the other hand, many design companies failed
to use their EDA tools effectively. HTC has distribution agreement with several small, unique EDA vendors in Silicon Valley (USA). We are committed
to provide our customers (local IC design houses) with valuable and cost-effective EDA solutions. Meanwhile, HTC will also build up a design methodology team of experienced engineers and help our customers to smooth their design flow and make the flow more efficient.

Provide Analog/Mixed Signal IP and related services
In the design of IC especially SOC, more and more reusable IPs are used. In China, many chip design companies and system houses have huge demand
for cost-effective and silicon proven analog/mixed signal IPs. HTC has built up the partnership with major IP vendors. We are committed to provide
our customers with analog/mixed signal IPs in a reasonable price. Meanwhile, we also provide related local technical support.

Our long-Term Objective: To Acquire the capability of providing System and Chip Design Services.
HTC will build up a design team composed of experienced system and chip designers. We will serve our customers in the Chinese market by providing
reference design solutions to the system products design as well as chip turn key design services. We will focus on those middle- and low-end electronic
products, which are suitable for Chinese market.